How To Layer Clothes for Fall: Avoid Looking Like a Bag Lady

When the temperature drops, it’s all about pumpkin spice and layering.

Layering your clothing is a tried and true way to maximize your comfort in the outdoors.

Layering is a technique.


“There is a fine line between layering and looking like the homeless woman who is wearing everything she owns!” (The Fashionating Life Formula: How to Build Your Self-Confidence)

The Biggest Mistake I see women making when they layer their clothes is looking bigger than they really are.

Here is the Secret to Layering:

Pick items that are varying lengths.

When your clothes are all the same length, they are going to look too puffy.

A jacket, sweater & shirt that are all different lengths will help you avoid this and create a much slimmer style.

Tell me… is your appearance important to you?  Are you projecting the look you want or are your clothes boring with no real sense of style?

Finally, How many times have you said “No” to an activity or social event due to low confidence?

If you want to be more confident but don’t know how, I have a book for you.


The Fashionating Life Formula:  How to Build Your Self-Confidence.

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • How to identify and develop your personal image
  • How to take care of your skin and put your best face forward
  • How to get healthy and increase your happy factor
  • Why your image impacts your income, your outcome and your overall happines
  • How to build your wardrobe and your bank account

If you want to be more confident but don’t know how, this book is for you.

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A recent study states that 73% of women shopped for clothes at least every few months;

and 96% believed that what they wear affects how confident they feel.


“Personally and professionally I was in a slump.

 Life just went on… since going through Nancy’s program, I have increased my self-esteem and confidence…

Nancy truly has made my life better” – KELLY

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