You are NOT meant to work with everybody! Networking Guide (eBook)

Maybe it’s time to give up and get a “real job”.

That was my first thought when I got home after a thirty minute drive from yet another speaking engagement with no book sales and no emails for my list.

I was about to text my mentor and tell her “I Suck. I Quit.” when all of sudden, I realized what I did wrong.

I spent half a day speaking to a group of people who were NOT my target market.  Fail.


It reminded me of when I used to go to networking events (before I created my personal brand), and wasted time, energy and money; because I was

  • prospecting everybody with a pulse and a pocketbook,
  • sharing my products and opportunity with everybody within a 3 foot radius;
  • and collecting business cards from everybody.

This is NOT how to grow your business or your brand.

You are NOT meant to work with everybody!

If you want to learn how to attract your ideal clients, make an impact and reach your income goals then you need this FREE ebook… FACE TO FACE: A Strategy Guide for Networking.

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Build your Personal Brand

Attract your Ideal Customer

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5 Ways to make a good First Impression

and much, much more!

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