Your Perfect Video Presentation: Three Vital Tips to Look Your Best on Camera

Are you hesitating to get on facebook LIVE and do video presentations because you don’t like the way you look?

Are you nervous about the extra 10 pounds the camera adds, and so you’re waiting until you lose weight?

Do you think your hair & makeup need to be professionally done?

Or maybe you’ve bought into that whole “It shouldn’t matter what I look like – people should like me for me, not because of how I look” trend?

And you’re right.

You absolutely do not have to take extra care to present your “best self” UNLESS….

You want to Stand Out,

Be Memorable and

Be the go-to Expert!

The truth is:

How you look and what you wear has a big impact on how you will be perceived by your viewing audience.

In other words, Your Personal Appearance matters!

Here’s the GOOD NEWS, Your style is perfect for you.

You want your viewers to spend more time looking at your face (and hearing your message) than staring at or being distracted by your clothes in your video presentations.

Taking extra care to present your “best self” ensures that the way you “look” meets the expectations of your target audience and builds your credibility.

Here are Three Vital Tips to help you dress for success in your video presentations.

  1. Your Makeup.  Your makeup application needs to be applied “heavier” than you would normally use in daily life.  (The camera & lights can really diminish or wash out your features, so it’s vital to have the most expressive features on your face defined and framed properly).
  2. Your Hair.  Have a good hair day!  If your hair is flat or frizzy it can affect your performance.
  3. Your Clothes.  Wear comfortable clothes and what you feel you look the best in.  If you are comfortable then you will be confident.


The camera doesn’t like black or white patterns.  Solid colors look best and highlight your figure. (Make sure you’re wearing the right hue – complementing your skin tone).  Yes, the camera can add pounds and certain cuts are better for your figure.

NOW you can get on video anytime, anywhere and Never Be Nervous Again!

Was this helpful?

NOW is the time for you to stop hiding and overcome your fear and deliver dynamic video presentations!

Your clients are LOOKING for you!!!

PS If you want more information like this, feel free to private message me.  I have a lot more tips that have helped me build my Signature Look, and may help you, too.

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Make it a beautiful day!





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