You Can’t Afford to Make a Negative Impression – Training Course


LIFE is a Fashion Show…

The World is your RUNWAY!

…So always dress your best and walk with Confidence.


Hello Beautiful!

I believe everything you’ve been taught around IMAGE is absolutely backwards!

Here’s why.

People think it’s just about lipstick & cute shoes.  That it’s superficial.

Here’s what I know.

People are judging us on camera.  People are judging us at events.  

As women entrepreneurs living and working in a highly competitive society, you must recognize and understand the impact of your appearance as it communicates first to you and then to others.  What you wear and the way you look affects:

  1.  your ideal clients
  2.  your influence
  3.  your income

Each of us presents an Image, consciously and sub-consciously ALL the time, through non-verbal communication including appearance.

This communication impacts our lives in more ways than we ordinarily think.


is to CREATE your own authentic, attractive and magnetic SIGNATURE LOOK!

Some people have a natural talent or ability to present themselves appropriately and attractively.  Most DO NOT.

The good news is that personal image skills can be learned, then practiced til they become second nature.


RUNWAY TO PAYDAY – A Personal Image Management Program

How to create and maintain your Unique Signature Look so you can:

  1. stand out from your competition, and

  2. attract your ideal clients for

  3. consistent cash flow.

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

I’m going to do 5 LIVE TRAININGS with Q&A at the end.

In these LIVE training calls, I teach you How to:

  • DRESS authentically for you as an individual – your personality, values, and interests
  • DRESS appropriately for the group, the occasion and the purpose at hand
  • DRESS attractively for your physical body
  • LOOK your absolute personal best EVERY DAY
  • CREATE positive first and lasting impressions

PLUS, since it’s the Holidays, I’m also including these BONUSES…

BONUS #1 – 30 Minute “Laser Styling Session” with me.  This is your opportunity to hop on a call.  I will help you evaluate your Professional Presence. ($197 value)

BONUS #2 – Two(2) Reserved Tickets to “Refashion Retreat” in Naples, FL. ($3994 value)

You’re going to get two tickets to my 3 day LIVE event where you will learn how to stay current, relevant and up-to-date with your Personal Image and Professional Presence.  Mastermind with fellow female entrepreneurs and learn how to Grow your business with Style and CONFIDENCE. (July 2018/Dates TBD).  I have seen millionaires come out of these types of events.  You get to attend and bring a friend at no additional cost when you invest in RUNWAY TO PAYDAY.


RUNWAY TO PAYDAY is a combined value of $5100.  BUT for a LIMITED TIME, it’s yours for only $97.

This offer expires Sunday, December 31, 2017.

What I’m going to teach has changed the lives of so many of my clients.  They’re attracting their ideal clients with ease and grace, and their bank accounts are proof this works.

Why can’t that be you?  🙂

YOU CAN’T AFFORD to create a negative impression.

This Introductory investment is the lowest you’ll EVER get this training.

I BELIEVE you are Uniquely Fashioned by the Creator and put on this planet on purpose – for a purpose.

Sign up today for only $97.

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