3 Hacks to Help You Snatch the Perfect Handbag

Women get more pleasure from buying a handbag than any other item, a survey has revealed.

Handbags are the accessory that we use the MOST and they NEED to go with every outfit so there is a lot of satisfaction in finding the PERFECT bag.

Three Hacks to Help You Snatch the Perfect Handbag

  1. Match your handbag to your hair.  It’s impossible to have your bag match every outfit you own, but you always have your hair with you – so match your handbag with your hair!
  2. Wear the right size for your frame.  If your frame is small, wear a small bag.  If your frame is medium, wear a medium bag.  If your frame is large, wear a large bag.
  3. Carry your bag correctly.  Your bag should hang at your waist.  If you have large hips, don’t let your bag lay on the side of your hips.  If you have a large bust, tuck your bag behind you.

BONUSYour bag should REFLECT your Personal Style.  

(Fall/Winter 2017 is all about fringe.)

For many women, handbags are the most EXPENSIVE items on our shopping list.  Using the three hacks above will ENSURE that you are making a wise investment. $ $ $

Your HANDBAG is only ONE of your accessories.

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